Merit Badges

Merit Badge Requirements

There are 135 different merit badges offered across 12 categories of interest - - Agribusiness, Arts, Building, Business, Citizenship, Communications, Conservation, Outdoor Sports, Personal Development, Safety, Science, & Transportation.

With so many choices, there are lots of opportunity to advance specific interests, find/explore new interests, develop new relationships, and just have fun!

A frequent question is which badge should I choose? The answer resides in two questions which we encourage scouts to ask before starting a new merit badge:

  1. What merit badge sounds like fun and do I feel confident I can commit myself to completing?

  2. What merit badge enables me to fulfill a desired rank requirement?

As merit badge difficultly and time commitment vary based on a scout's maturity, level of interest, and experiences, we have attempted to categorize them into four levels of difficulty to assist with the decision making.

Each link below will take you to a merit badge's BSA Merit Badge Handbook which outlines the specific requirements.

We want our scouts to advance successfully and offer this as an informational. Ultimately, each scout's perspective may differ and therefore, the decision to undertake a merit badge resides solely with the scout.

To earn the Eagle Scout rank, scouts must complete at least 21 merit badges. Of these, 14 are required from the ones highlighted in RED. Scroll to the bottom for additional details.

There is no time limit for starting and completing a merit badge, but all work must be completed by the time a Scout turns 18.

Getting Started

  1. Pick a subject that interests you

  2. Email the Advancement Chair ("AC") to help you find a nearby Merit Badge Counselor

  3. Open the merit badge in Scoutbook

  4. Get in touch with the Merit Badge Counselor ("MBC"). You need their approval to start and they may ask to meet to explain what is expected and help you get started

  5. Work with the AC to add your counselor to the merit badge in Scoutbook so they can sign off on requirements

  6. Download the merit badge pamphlet from the links below - Yes - you must read the entire doc

  7. Seek the advice of your MBC as you work through the requirements

  8. Your MBC will sign off on your blue card in Scoutbook as you complete requirements

  9. Once the MBC signs off, email your Scoutmaster for final approval signature for ALL requirements

  10. Congratulations! You earned it. It will be awarded to you at an upcoming Court of Honor

Helpful Resources and Links

  • Our Advancement Chair is Jim Brady

The advancement chair provides a smooth implementation of the advancement process and is knowledgeable of requirementsProvides current MB requirements and highlights any recent updatesOverview below and via this link on obtaining the required 21 badges
A great online site for merit badge requirements and worksheetsGreat guide for the PLC to help decide which MBs to runAll adult leaders and volunteers, are encouraged to to become a MBC

Troop 28 Merit Badge Difficulty Categories

21 Merit Badges Required for Eagle Scout Rank

The Remaining (7)

These can be any merit badge not used towards the the 14 required merit badges.

For example, if a Scout earns Cycling and Hiking, when applying for Eagle Scout rank, both Cycling and Hiking can be counted:

  • One towards the required merit badges (in this case Group C); and

  • One towards the remaining requirement to achieve 21 merit badges