Uniform & Gear

To get started...

A scout will need to purchase a Scout Handbook, official BSA Uniform, and certain camping gear and equipment. This is all detailed below.

For new joiners, we recommend purchasing the Scout Handbook and official BSA Uniform at one of the Patriots' Path Council Scout Shops in Cedar Knolls or Mountainside. The local Scout Shops will provide clear guidance on the correct uniform, patches and accessories.

For gear and equipment, we have included a printable list of suggested personal camping gear below along with suggested local camping stores.

Patriots’ Path Council Scout Shops

Uniforms can be purchased at these nearby scout shops…

  • The Kurland Family Scout Shop at Cedar Knolls

Address: 1 Saddle Rd, Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927 (google map)

Phone: (973) 765-9322

  • The Mountainside Scout Shop

Address: 1130 Rt. 22 West, Mountainside, NJ 07092 (google map)

Phone: (908) 654-9191

The Scout Handbook

The Scout handbook was, and continues to be a Scout’s greatest source of information on how to be a good Scout. Forgot how to tie a Square Knot or a Bowline? Check your handbook. Can’t remember how to put on a splint, fire a rifle, or which snakes are venomous? The handbook has the answer!

In addition to the Scouts BSA Handbook (14th Edition), we also recommend purchasing the Handbook Cover as scouts bring their handbooks on many an adventure.

Both can be purchased at the local Scout Shops or the BSA's official online retail site, ScoutStuff.org .

The Uniform

Class A

The Class A uniform is composed of the official khaki BSA Scout shirt, with appropriate patches and badges, green pants or shorts.

As appropriate will also include the OA Sash and/or Merit Badge Sash. Class A uniforms are worn whenever the scouts are interacting in their capacity as Scouts with the general public or whenever the occasion is considered to be formal or official. Additional information on patch placement can be found here:

Note: Class A uniforms are worn at Troop Meetings, Courts of Honor, Boards of Review and most Scout Events.

Our Class A Uniform

Class B

The Class B uniform is composed of any t-shirt or sweat shirt with the Troop 28 logo (or BSA Scout logo). The Class B uniform is used during non-formal occasions.

The Troop will provide each scout withe a Class B Uniform shown on the right.

Our Class B Uniform

New Joiner Gear and Equipment

For new Scouts joining Troop 28, we suggest starting with the following personal camping gear below. Prohibited items are noted on the right.

Additional information on Outdoor Essentials is under Events >> What to Pack

With camping gear, you generally get what you pay for, so avoid buying the cheap gear, but you also don't need to but the most expensive.

New Joiner Camping Gear (Printable pdf to take with you)

  • Backpack with a rain cover. While external frame packs are cheaper, we find that scouts typically prefer ones with an internal frame. Either one should be constructed of waterproof nylon, be at least medium sized (about 3,000+ cubic inches), have two or more central compartments, and numerous side pockets, and straps

  • Sleeping Bag with stuff bag/sack. A medium quality bag rated to about 30-40 degrees. Warmer bags are too hot to use most of the year

  • Sleeping pad. A thin, closed-cell foam pad (about 2 by 5 feet by 3/8 inch) is sufficient. This goes under the sleeping bag and helps both for padding and providing a thermal barrier

  • Mess Kit or Eating kit. Items can be purchased individually or in sets containing plastic utensils, a plate, a cup, and a bowl

  • Personal Toiletries. This will include soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, comb/brush, small camp towel

  • Wide-Mouth Water bottle. Preferably a 1- or 2- quart bottle made of Nalgene with clearly marked measurements so that water intake can be monitored

  • Headlamp / Flashlight. Get a sturdy, waterproof and preferably floating model. Scouts tend to prefer headlamps

  • Rain gear. The BSA poncho style is preferred as plastic raincoats are less functional

  • First-aid kit. Personal (small) kit is sufficient

  • Compass. Orienteering-type compass with movable rectangular Lucite base. Liquid filled is better but costs more

  • Sun protection and Insect repellent

  • Hiking Boots. Boots should provide ankle support and be fitted while wearing appropriate socks. Prefer boots that lace up at the top. Many scouts wear running shoes which are acceptable but much less comfortable and water resistant than properly broken in boots for hiking into certain camp sites

  • Pocket knife. An inexpensive 2- or 3-blade scout-type knife. The scout may not use a knife until a scout has earned their Tot'n Chip

While gear and equipment can be purchased online, we suggest going to either a local Scout Shop or a nearby camping store:

Address: 280 N Route 10

East Hanover, NJ 07936

Tel: (973) 581-1938

Address: 810 Route 17 North

Paramus, NJ 07652

Tel: (201) 445-5000

Prohibited Gear / Items

The scout may not bring flammable liquid (like fire starter or aerosol sprays), sheath knives, large lockback type knives, axes, firearms, archery equipment, fireworks, alcohol or tobacco products to any campout or other activity.

A scout who violates this rule is subject to removal from the activity and, for repeated violations, to removal from the troop.